Welcome to BoredFriends.Club

A pioneering Crypto Club started in March 2022

If your name is on this list you are a founding member with benifits and obligations.

Ultamately this club will be managed by a DAO Decentralized Autonomous Organization


Name Domain
Bored Adam boredadam.com
Bored Alex boredalex.com
Bored Andrea boredandrea.com
Bored Brewery boredbrewery.com
Bored Brewery.Club boredbrewery.club
Bored Brian boredbrian.com
Bored Bucky boredbucky.com
Bored Buddhas boredbuddhas.com
Bored Chickens boredchickens.com
Bored Cindy boredcindy.com
Bored Cow.Club boredcow.club
Bored Cows.Club boredcows.club
Bored Dave boreddave.com
Bored Debbie boreddebbie.com
Bored Dog.Club boreddog.club
Bored Fred boredfred.com
Bored Friends.Club boredfriends.club
Bored Garrett boredgarrett.com
Bored Greta boredgreta.com
Bored J B Coker boredjbcoker.com
Bored Jim boredjim.com
Bored John boredjohn.com
Bored Jonas boredjonas.com
Bored Julie boredjulie.com
Bored Kay boredkay.com
Bored Keith boredkeith.com
Bored Kelly boredkelly.com
Bored Kyle boredkyle.com
Bored Kym boredkym.com
Bored Larry boredlarry.com
Bored Lori boredlori.com
Bored Matt boredmatt.com
Bored Melinda boredmelinda.com
Bored Michael boredmichael.com
Bored Mike boredmike.com
Bored Nate borednate.com
Bored Pets.Club boredpets.club
Bored Ryan boredryan.com
Bored Sam boredsam.com
Bored Sid boredsid.com